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Mountune Focus RS kit adds 25 hp, preserves warranty

10:53PM - 06.08.'16

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The Ford Focus RS is already a seriously hot hatch, but some people will always want to spice things up even more. Extra spice also usually means bidding adieu to the car's factory warranty. Fortunately for those people, Mountune and Ford Performance announced a power upgrade kit that lets you turn up the heat on your hatch without ditching the warranty.

The new kit was developed by the famous European Ford tuner Mountune and Ford Performance. It includes a high-flow intake, upgraded blow-off valve, retuned engine management, and a badge to let everyone know that your RS is something a little more special. All of these components net the car an extra 25 peak horsepower and about 30 lb-ft of peak torque. Mountune also claims a new 0-62 mph time of 4.5 seconds compared with a claimed 4.7 second time for a stock model. Not bad for a kit that the dealer can install in under two hours and is fully covered by warranty.

Right now Mountune is only offering the kit overseas, but it will eventually come here. However, there may be a bit of a wait as it's still be developed for our market.

"Final details and launch date have yet to be determined pending various legislative and regional test requirements," Ken Anderson, president of Mountune USA, told us in an email. The good news is that it is coming. And if you simply can't wait, Mountune already offers many of the key components of the RS kit at their online store.

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