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Faraday Future's upcoming EV could look like a Toyota

09:05PM - 26.07.'16

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So far, we've only had a tiny teaser look at what Faraday Future's production electric vehicle is going to look like. But a new hire over at getting-less-secretive automaker could give us some clues as to what's going on. The news is that Jin Won Kim is now the exterior chief designer at Faraday Future. The clues come from the fact that Kim used to work for Toyota over at Calty Design Research, the Japanese automaker's California design house that opened in 1973.

On his LinkedIn page, Kim lists the following vehicles as ones that he's worked on:

Concept work:
  • Toyota Corolla Furia (pictured)
  • Toyota FUN-Vii
  • Toyota FT-HS
  • Scion T2B
  • Lexus LFC
  • Toyota FJ Cruiser
Production work:
  • 2007 Scion XB
  • 2007 FJ Cruiser
  • 2014 Corolla
In other words, if you want some clue about what Faraday's cooking up, take a spin (i.e., click fest) through these vehicles.

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